Dareu H101


  • Connection way: wired with USB
  • Vibration: Support
  • Turbo button: yes
  • Lighting: Connect PC: Blue(Xinput mode), Green(Dinput mode)
  • Connect Switch: Yellow
  • Connect Android devices: Cyan
  • Buttons: 19
  • Dimension: 160*105*62mm
  • Weight:245G
  • Support platform:PC, Android, Switch

৳ 1,950.00

DAREU H101 Wired Gamepad 360° Joystick Controller

The DAREU H101 Wired Gamepad is a multi-purpose controller designed for gamers. This wired controller is simple to connect via USB and includes vibration feedback for an immersive gaming experience. You can start playing games right away thanks to its plug and play functionality, which requires no additional setup. The controller’s ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, and it is compatible with PC, Android, and Switch platforms. It has a turbo button for bursts of power, asymmetric dual vibration motors for realistic feedback, and a multi-order linear trigger for precise control. The U-shaped cross key and 360° joystick provide responsive and smooth gameplay.

Asymmetric dual vibration motor

The DAREU H101 Wired Gamepad has asymmetric vibration motors built into the left and right grips that deliver multiple shocks. Vibration intensity changes in response to player input, enhancing the immersion of racing and fighting games through strong blows and vibrations.

Turbo one-click burst

DAREU H101 Wired Gamepad provides fluid movement. You can quickly configure the gamepad by simultaneously pressing the turbo and action keys. A successful setup is verified by the indicator’s flashing. The first press initiates the semi-automatic mode, the second initiates the automatic mode, and the third initiates the burst mode.


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