• Huano Blue Switch
  • 55g Ultra lightweight
  • PixArt 3395 flagship sensor
  • 26000 DPI
  • 4000 HZ support ( A5 Pro Max)
  • 4000HZ dongle is not included with A5 pro MAX
  • Suitable for hand size over 18cm+-

৳ 5,500.00


>Feather-Like Lightweight Design.

>Dual Mode/Tri-Mode Wireless Connectivity.

>High-Performanec NORDIC Main Control Chipset.

>Premium PAW3395 Flagship Sensor.

>Maximum DPI of 26000.

>Outstanding battery Life(Up to 130Hours).

>Transparent Blue Micro-Motion Switches.

>Up to 4KHz Return Rate.

>Weight: 56Grams.

>Dimensions: 121.6×61.5×37.7mm.

Presenting the all-new MCHOSE A5 series of wireless gaming mouse. The series has three products, the A5, the A5 Pro, and the A5 Pro Max. All three are equipped with advanced functions and designs such as a feather-like lightweight build, flagship PAW3395 optical sensor, Blue-Transparent micro-motion switches, etc. Elevate the way you game with the MCHOSE A5 series of gaming mouse!!

Ultra-Lightweight Build:-

With a feather-like lightweight design, the MCHOSE A5 series of gaming mice offers unmatched control over the mouse. The A5 model has the lightest 56 grams build while the A5 Pro and the A5 Max weigh 59 grams only.

Flagship Optical Sensor:-

In order to deliver unmatched precision with smooth tracking, the A5 series comes equipped with the new-generation PAW395 optical sensor. It enables a maximum resolution of up to 26000 DPI. The PAW3395 offers exciting performance with precise accuracy and faster tracking.

NORDIC Main Controllers:-

MCHOSE has equipped the A5 Pro and the A5 Max mouse with premium main controller chips from NORDIC. the A5 Pro comes equipped with the NORDIC 52833 while the A5 Max houses the flagship NORDIC 52840 processor. They offer excellent performance with no lag in connectivity and enhanced battery life.

Upto 4KHz Return Rate:-

The MCHOSE A5 Pro and the A5 Max mouse models support a maximum return rate of up to 4000Hz. This high return rate enables silky smooth performance with improved accuracy, smoother tracking, and faster response time. At 4000Hz we get an astonishingly fast response time of just 0.25ms.

Versatile Connectivity Options:-

MCHOSE A5 series of mouse offers versatile connectivity options to its users. the basic A5 model has dual-mode connectivity supporting wired USB Type-C and Wireless 2.4GHz modes. The other two models, A5 Pro and A5 Max offer three-mode connectivity supporting a wider range of compatible devices with wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz, and wired connection options.

Incredible Battery Life:-

MCHOSE A5 series comes with 300mAh(A5), and 500mAh(A5 Pro+A5 Max) high-capacity batteries. They provide an outstanding battery life, the basic A5 model lasts for up to 65 hours with a single charge. The A5 Pro and the A5 Max with their bigger batteries provide a battery backup of over 130 hours with a single charge.



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