XINMENG A66 Aluminium Alloy Keyboard (TTC Steel Superman Axis)

Key Features

  • 65% layout (66 keys) + knob
  • Anodized CNC Aluminum Housing (barebone)
  • Hot swappable, South Facing RGB
  • Three mode connect : 2.4GHz / Bluetooth / USB-C
  • TTC Steel Superman Axis

৳ 11,000.00


>Premium CNC Machined Aluminum Alloy Keyboard Kit.

>Soft-Elastic Gasket Structure Design.

>Full-Key Hot-Swappable Sockets.

>PCB Single-Key Slotting.

>Premium Quality FR4 Fibre Glass/PC Material Positioning Board.

>XINMENG Self-Designed Finely-Tuned V3 Satellite Stabilizers.

>Three-Mode Free Connectivity.

>Multi-Function Knob.

>Compact 65% Layout.

>Easily Customizable.

Create the keyboard of your dreams with the all-new XINMENG A66 compact 65% mechanical keyboard kit. Available in a variety of colour options, the A66 kit is carefully crafted to help you DIY your very own mechanical keyboard. It adopts an elastic gasket structure for comfortable typing feedback. The A66 is available in two different variants, a PC Positioning board or an FR4 positioning board. Create the keyboard that you desire, with the A66 Keyboard Kit!!

Premium CNC Machined Finish:-

XINMENG A66 keyboard kit has got a premium finish. The keyboard is made using high-quality aluminium alloy material. It is carved and crafted using a high-precision CNC machining process. Aluminium alloy gives the keyboard a solid textured finish with a robust build.

Soft Elastic Gasket Structure Design:-

In order to provide simple yet comfortable elastic typing feedback, the A66 keyboard kit features a soft elastic gasket-mounted structure design. The keyboard kit is available with PC material or FR4 material premium quality positioning plates along with a single-key slotted design that further enhances the typing feedback with softer acoustics and more stable operation.

Choose Your Favorite Switches With Hot-Swappable Sockets:-

Use your favourite switches on the XINMENG A66 keyboard kit. It is fully compatible with different mechanical switches available in the market today. We have full hot-swappable sockets. No soldering, or resoldering is required, simply change the switches with a simple pull-plug method.

Free Three-Mode Connectivity:-

Connect the A66 Keyboard Kit with different source devices using its versatile three-mode connectivity. The kit supports wireless Bluetooth, wireless 2.4GHz and wired USB connections with a Type-C port. Connect the keyboard with a variety of devices with ease.

Compact Layout With Multi-Function Knob:-

XINMENT A66 mechanical keyboard features a compact 65% layout. It is noticeably smaller than a full-sized layout and packs a multi-function knob as well. This knob allows for easy adjustment of volume and backlight brightness.


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