MotoSpeed K84 (CK104) Wired Mechanical RGB Black Keyboard

৳ 4,000.00

MotoSpeed K84(CK104) RGB Mechanical Keyboard

●︎ 9 Cool LED Lighting Effects

●︎ Full Keyboard Without Conflict, Fast Response

●︎ All Mechanical Switches, Professional E-Sports Players Standard Equipment.

●︎ Multimedia Function Key Combination, Work Game Balance

●︎ Free Of EEPROM Memory, Adopt Flash Memory Chip

●︎ Quick WIN, Avoid Fighting Game By Accident And Cut Out The Desktop

●︎ Dimension: 437x128x36mm

●︎ Weight: 850g±20g

Full-color RGB backlight game mechanical keyboard, mechanical green axis, aluminum alloy molding, and double color keycap. Aluminum alloy panel.Fibonacci dotted curve texture, high-speed CNC trimming, every piece of the metal panel from carefully selected. keyboard interface: USB. Keyboard Dimensions (cm) :43.7*12.8*3.6 Gold plated USB interface guarantees efficient and stable data transmission (Note: RGB mechanical keyboards take a bit more power than the traditional keyboards, it would be better for them to work with a desktop since some older USB 2.0 laptops may not be able to provide enough output. Similarly, it may work better with USB ports locating at the back of the computer case than those in the front). Game mode and key custom Settings:1.FPS;2.COD;3.RACE;4.7 color breathing mode switching cycle in the 7 kinds of color;5.Backlit breathing speed regulation;6.CF;7.LOL;8.Start recording master of the Game mode;9.Backlight brightness adjustment;10.Removal of recording the custom mode


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