MONKA 3098 PRO Tri Mode RGB Hotswappable Mechanical Keyboard

  • Connectivity : 2.4G / Bluetooth 5.0/ Type C
  • Mounting: Gasket Structure
  • Lighting: South Facing RGB Backlit
  • Keycap: Doubleshot ABS
  • Lifespan: 50 million
  • Warranty: 1 Year

৳ 6,000.00

MONKA 3098 Pro

MONKA 3098 Pro is a versatile three-mode mechanical keyboard with an 97-key compact 95% TKL layout. The keyboard features a colorful display screen that can be customized with different display settings. MONKA 3098 Pro is a premium quality keyboard equipped with a soft gasket structure, multi-layer sound-shock absorbing structure, etc. The 3098 Pro supports different devices with versatile three-mode connection support. The RGB backlight of the MONKA 3098 Pro is definitely eye-catchy and has multiple dynamic effects built into the system!!!

Long Lasting 4000mAh Battery

MONKA 3098 Pro keyboard comes equipped with a large capacity 4000mAh battery. It provides the keyboard with an extended life span of up to 20 days with a single charge.

Customizable Display Screen

MONKA 3098 Pro features a built-in TFT display screen. It showcases different settings on the system such as Date, Time, Connection mode, power level, etc. Users can also customize the scene with custom patterns.

PBT Double Shot Keycaps

The Monka 3098 PRO Tri Mode comes with PBT double shot keycaps. Which not only lasts longer than abs keycaps but also give a better sound signature too. The texture is a little bit rougher so it doesn’t suffer from shining too.

Dynamic South Facing RGB Backlight With Musical Lighting Effects

Monks 3098Pro keyboard features a dynamic south facing RGB backlight. The backlight is purely vivid treating the users with a clear, RGB experience with multiple lighting effects built into the system. Users can further enhance their backlight with musical rhythmic effects!!

Versatile Three-Mode Connection

MONKA 3098 Pro keyboard features a versatile three-mode connection option. The keyboard can be connected to different sources and supports seamless switches between them. The Monka 3098 Pro supports wireless 2.4GHz, Wireless Bluetooth, and Wired USB Type-C connection options. These multiple connection options allow the user to connect the 3098 Pro with multiple devices.

Soft, Elastic Typing Feedback

MONKA has made the latest 3098Pro keyboard for soft and elastic typing feedback. For this, Monka has designed it with a soft gasket structure and multi-layered silicone and bottom padding.

Customised Mechanical Switches & Full-Key Hot-Swappable Sockets

MONKA 3098 Pro keyboard comes equipped with high-quality customized mechanical switches. They enable silky-smooth typing on the keyboard. Available options are Red(Linear) and Brown(Tactile). With hot-swappable sockets, users can replace the switches at will as well!!

Warranty – 1 Year



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