Keychron Q2 QMK Custom Mechanical Keyboard


  • The keyboard PCB, the case, and the steel plate.
  • Double-shot OSA PBT keycaps (included Mac & Windows keycaps).
  • Gateron G Pro switches.
  • South Facing RGB.

৳ 17,000.00

The Q2 is a fully customizable mechanical keyboard with a compact layout that pushes your typing experience to the next level. With a 65% layout, full metal body, double-gasket design, the Q2 is designed for a personalized experience and premium typing comfort. To create a more compact and smaller keyboard for your desk, we bring you the Q2. The entire piece is crafted with 6063 aluminum that is processed through CNC machined, polished, anodized, sandblasted, and undergoes 24 more manufacturing stages to make the work of art that is the Q2. To build a fully customizable keyboard, we designed every component to be able to assemble easily. Therefore, you can customize and adjust each component you want. The Double Gasket Design is a new innovative structure in the industry. In addition to the gaskets on the plates, we added silicone pads between the top and bottom cases to significantly reduce the sound resonance between the metals and reduce the noise of the impacted metals. This Double-Gasket Structure allows the keyboard to maintain the flexibility of the gasket structure and improves the overall typing sound. For the new double-shot PBT keycaps, we built a new profile. It has a similar height to that of the OEM profile and has an SA-like shape. We named it the OSA (OEM spherical angled) keycap. The PBT keycaps will provide excellent oil resistance, enhance the type feel, and prevent the legends from fading out.

Body TypeAluminum frame
Hot Swap OptionHot-Swappable
RGB optionSouth Facing RGB
TypeFully Assembled Knob, Barebone, Barebone Knob
ColorCarbon Black, Navy Blue, Space Grey
ConnectivityWired Only
Keycap MaterialDouble Shot PBT
Switch OptionBarebone, Blue, Brown, Red
Switch TypeGateron G Pro
Warranty1 Year


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