Glorious Lynx Mechanical Switches

Glorious Lynx Mechanical Switches is the new breed of linear has arrived. Silky smooth and perfectly precise, this premium mechanical switch will ascend your typing experience with its fast and fluid operation.

৳ 2,500.00

Top Shell

Glorious Lynx Mechanical Switches is unique, light blue polycarbonate top housing with Glorious branding


It has soft and flexible POM stem provides an unbelievably smooth, quiet operation. Material sourced from Japan.


It has unique, factory-designed spring with nickel plating sourced from Korea.


Glorious Lynx Mechanical Switches has premium grade copper, sourced from Japan.

Bottom Shell

Glorious Lynx Mechanical Switches offers high-quality nylon bottom housing, sourced from Belgium.

Compatible with all GMMK models

The Glorious Lynx switches are 100% compatible with all GMMK Pro and GMMK models, backlight RGB, and all mechanical keyboard keycaps. The GP is also compatible with Cherry profile keycaps without the interference present in some other switches (eliminating the need for south-facing keyboard layouts).


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