DeepCool Z3 Thermal Paste


Key Features

  • Model: Z3
  • Operating Temperature: -50°C–220°C
  • Thermal Conductivity: >3.5W/m.K
  • Dielectric Constant A: >5.1, Viscosity: 73cps
  • Color: Silver gray

৳ 200.00

Warranty: 0 Years


DeepCool Z3 Thermal Paste

The DeepCool Z3 Thermal Paste is an excellent thermal conductor and high-performance thermal paste. Z3 Thermal Gel’s Excellent Thermal Conductivity enables high-performance heat dissipation with its high thermal conductivity. Most CPUs can run this past with ease. To dissipate heat as efficiently as possible, the Z3 cooler Density is compatible with the finest CPU cooler. The thermal paste may harm electrical equipment, but our Pure Electrical Insulation is intended to stop that from happening. -50°C—220°C is the operational temperature range of Z3 Thermal Paste. It has a thermal conductivity of >3.5 W/m K. The thermal impedance is 0.201°C-in2/W, the dielectric constant is A > 5.1, and the viscosity is 73 cps. The DeepCool Z3 Thermal Paste has no warranty.



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