Darmoshark M3-PMW3395 Tri Mode Wireless Gaming Mouse


  • Brand: Darmoshark
  • Sensor: PMW-3395
  •  Weight: 59g ± 3g
  • Tri-Mode 2.4ghz, Bluetooth and wired connectivity
  • 7-Key Custom Macro Programming
  • Warranty: 1 Year of official replacement warranty

৳ 4,200.00

SensorPixart3395 sensor
Size128.66mm (L) x 66.43mm (W) x 39.65mm (H)
Operating SystemWindows XP/Vista/Win7/Macintosh OS
VoltageDC 5V ± 5%
Bottom LEDInfrared light
Internal Photoelectric ICPMW3395
Maximum Resolution26000dpi
DPI Factory Mode400/800/1600/3200/4800
SPI Sampling Time2ms
Refresh Rate1000Hz
Image Processing12000FPS
Tracking Speed (IPS)650
Left and Right SwitchKailh GM8.0 Macro switch
Weight59g ± 3g
Accessories1x Set of LOGO label, USB-C, USB-adapter



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