Ajazz AK873 Tri-Mode RGB Mechanical Keyboard


Key feature

  • Key Layout: 87 keys
  • Transmission Method: USB wired+2.4G wireless+5.0 Bluetooth
  • Interface Type: Type-C
  • Lithium Battery: 2500mAh
  • Keycap Material: PBT dye-sublimation keycaps
  • Lighting Effects: RGB, 18 kinds of lighting effects
  • Compatible System: Windows Vista/7/8/10/11, MAC, Android

৳ 7,000.00৳ 8,000.00


ColorGreen, White
RGB optionRGB
LayoutTKL or 87%
Hot Swap OptionHot-Swappable
Connection typeWired, BlueTooth, Wireless
Switch OptionBlue, Green
Switch TypeAS Shanlan
Keycap MaterialPBT Keycaps
Keycap ProfileOEM, MDA
FrameABS Frame
Warranty1 Year


Ajazz AK873 Tri-Mode RGB Mechanical Keyboard

The Ajazz AK873 Tri-Mode RGB Mechanical Keyboard is a masterful fusion of performance, style, and versatility. This keyboard is a true testament to Ajazz’s commitment to crafting exceptional peripherals that elevate your computing experience. Boasting a stunning array of colors, the AK873 is available in two captivating options: Green and White. The vibrant hues not only add a touch of personalization to your workspace but also reflect the keyboard’s dynamic capabilities. Connectivity is at your fingertips with the AK873’s triumvirate of connection options. Seamlessly transition between Wired, Bluetooth, and Wireless modes, adapting to your preferences and allowing you to maintain a clutter-free environment. Whether you’re a cable aficionado or a wireless enthusiast, this keyboard caters to your every need. The keyboard’s sturdy ABS frame provides a solid foundation, ensuring durability that can withstand the rigors of intense typing sessions. The keycaps, crafted from premium PBT material, deliver a satisfying tactile experience and resist wear and tear, retaining their quality and appearance over time. The AK873 embraces versatility in its layout, offering a Tenkeyless (TKL) or 87% configuration. This compact design optimizes desk space and allows for ergonomic typing, minimizing strain during extended usage. What truly sets this keyboard apart is its innovative Hot-Swappable feature, enabling you to effortlessly customize your typing experience by changing switches without the need for soldering. The keyboard accommodates multiple keycap profiles, including OEM and MDA, ensuring compatibility with various typing styles. Dive into a world of colors with the AK873’s RGB illumination. Personalize your keyboard with a spectrum of lighting effects, elevating your gaming or work setup to new heights. Equipped with AS Shanlan switches, available in Blue and Green variants, the AK873 delivers delightful auditory and tactile feedback with every keystroke. These switches offer a perfect blend of precision and responsiveness, enhancing your typing or gaming performance. Despite its advanced features, the AK873 remains lightweight at 0.76 kg, making it a portable companion for on-the-go productivity or gaming sessions. In essence, the Ajazz AK873 Tri-Mode RGB Mechanical Keyboard is a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. It caters to the needs of both casual users and professionals, enhancing every keystroke and elevating your computing journey to a new pinnacle of excellence. Experience the future of typing with the AK873 – where innovation meets style.

Ajazz AK873 Tri-Mode Keyboard Price In BD

Experience unparalleled typing precision and customizable aesthetics with the Ajazz AK873 Tri-Mode RGB Mechanical Keyboard, now available at an unbeatable price in Bangladesh for 2023. Elevate your typing and gaming experience with this advanced keyboard, featuring tri-mode connectivity options (Wired, Bluetooth, Wireless) for seamless versatility. The keyboard’s stunning RGB illumination adds a captivating visual dimension to your workspace. Whether you’re at the office, home, or in an industrial setting, the Ajazz AK873 empowers you with its premium PBT keycaps, durable ABS frame, and hot-swappable switches. Purchase the Ajazz AK873 today from Spark Technology at the latest and most competitive price in Bangladesh.


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