Deepcool Z5 Thermal Paste


Key Features

  • Model: Z5
  • Good Thermal Performance
  • Nanotechnology Applied
  • Eco-friendly paste
  • Insulating Anti-corrosive

৳ 350.00

Warranty: 0 Years


Deepcool Z5 Thermal Paste

Deepcool Z5 Thermal paste is in incredible choice for both gamers and overclock enthusiasts  alike. This thermal paste is specially designed for attending to all the cooling needs of an overclocked gaming CPU and GPU. This thermal paste specially Designed for Overclocking with High Heat Conductivity Nano Compound. it was launched on August 12, 2010.Apart from excellent Thermal Conductivity this paste is electrically non-conductive with a wide range of application temperature designed to withstand even the extreme heat by overclocking. This paste has a Thermal Conductivity more than 1.46 W/m-K. The Operating Temperature range is from -50 Degree Celsius ~ 300 Degree Celcius. This paste has a thermal Impedance more than 0.159 Degree Celsius with a 2/W reading. With a good Viscosity of 76 cps this thermal paste is unrivaled in terms of performance.Deepcool Z5 Thermal paste offers No warranty.


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